The street where I live...

The street where I live...

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lame Little Check In

I have not meant to ignore this blog, and the few people kind and stalwart enough to tune in.

The reason I haven't posted in months is because I have had a welcome string of professional obligations, one of which is: blogging! I have been contracted to be the official blogger for The Site.  So I am getting paid to blog elsewhere, and getting paid means I am obligated to meet my deadline every week.

Life is going very well.  I am doing a solo show one day a week at The Site, I have done a couple of directing and writing contracts, and have been able to travel a little, which is unusual for me in the warmer months as I am usually completely tied here by work.

The twins are doing so well.  MIL continues to fail, but we are now in the final months of waiting for her to get a permanent placement in an elder care home.

I will try to do better at posting here, as this blog has become important to me, and has been a great creative outlet in the long winter months.

Until next time.....

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