The street where I live...

The street where I live...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

10 Things No-one Really Needs to Know

When I first joined Facebook there was this thing everyone was doing where they posted 25 things about themselves.  I was thinking of doing something like that but 25 seems like way too many to think up.  So, just for fun (and because I have nothing profound to say today), here are the first 10 things that are batting around in my head on this dreary, drizzly, melty Sunday afternoon:

1. My Guilty pleasure movie is: "You've Got Mail."  It is location porn - apartments, shops, restaurants. It is the outsider fantasy of Manhattan.  And it's on right now at our house.

2. I kind of know sign language.  I learned it as a kid.  But I forget more than I remember.  Whenever anyone says: "Tell me something about yourself" I usually say:  "I know sign language."  It's my go-to random fact.

3. I really, really want new furniture, but I can't decide if I should just get some cheap stop-gap stuff that the girls can wreck, or if I should try to find something I really love.

4. I could pretty much do without social life.  If I think about going shopping a little party breaks out in my soul.  If I think about going to a social event I immediately imagine myself to be coming down with something that might get me out of going out.  So, I really like having things to wear in case I go out, but I don't like going out enough to wear those things when I go out because I don't go (exceptions include going to see a film, theatre or a museum, and going out to eat - all of which I am perfectly happy to do alone.)

5. I love shopping.  See above.

6. Sometimes playing with my kids is unspeakably, spirit crushingly boring.  And sometimes it's pretty fun.

7. Seeing my husband play with our kids makes me fall for him all over again.  Mostly because it is a beautiful thing to behold.  Partly because it's him and not me.

8. I feel really tired all the time and I don't know if it's because I am a mom of two toddlers, or because I am getting old, or both.  This is a definite drawback to late in life parenthood - how do I know what to chalk up to age and what to blame the kids for?  I blame the kids for this dilemma.

9. I dislike house plants.

10. My biggest fear is being eaten by a shark.  When I was a kid I begged my dad to take me to see "Jaws."  Huge mistake.  I peed standing up for weeks afterward.  If I close my eyes in a swimming pool and pretend I am in the ocean I can imagine myself into a state of cold panic.

There, 10 things you didn't need to know.  If you are still reading, bless your kind heart.

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