The street where I live...

The street where I live...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blog Check-in

So, time for a little blog check-in.

How is this experiment progressing for me?

Hmmmmm...pretty good, I think.


I find writing in what is essentially a mini-essay format to be just challenging enough, but not so daunting that it feels more like an obligation than a creative outlet.

Sharing bits of my life is less terrifying as I go along, although a part of me fears that, as with all social networking, I will start out with a strong mind to protect my own privacy and then eventually that protective instinct will start to fade like the camera people in embedded documentary situations (does that reference make sense?)

I enjoy reading other blogs.  I use the "next blog" button to surf away.  I have noticed that many bloggers seem to be devout Christians, devout crafters, devout decorators, devout farmers, devout horse-y folk, and/or devout narcissists. Most blogs are pleasant enough.  Some offend me with their politics, some bore me, some inspire.  And sometimes I happen upon a blog that blows my mind with its creativity and insight, honesty and unique voice.  Many bloggers are astonishing writers, and others drive me to distraction with bad grammar, passive voice, and most egregious of all: misused words and phrases: "momento" "intents and purposed" "worldwind" "I COULD care less" etc. etc.

Blogging makes me really think about my life, and especially about the people who populate my days. I've been on a Mike Leigh film kick lately.  He is such a pure artist.  His observation of the minutiae of human interaction is staggering in its scope.  Painful beauty.  And, although perhaps it sounds a bit lofty, taking a moment to think about the people in my life makes me see them in a kind of Mike Leigh-ish way - like I am a camera capturing their little moments and understanding that human behaviour is mundane, crazy and fascinating.

Even though my blog seems to be emerging as a little window on my life as a mom of twins, every time I sit down to write I feel guilty about spending even more time staring at a computer screen when I should be doing stuff with them.  Like right now.

Thank you to anyone who is taking the time to read this blog.  A special shout out to the readers in Saudi Arabia and Latvia (how does THAT happen?)  Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Please don't stop, keep on with your Pooley Street Pondering...