The street where I live...

The street where I live...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Check in again...

So, I guess it's time for another blog experiment check in.

I still enjoy blogging.  I love writing, and writing about little episodes in my life is still a challenge I look forward to.  I am getting a lot of editing practice as I have to go back several times to change the sentences that sounded right in my head but look wrong on the page.  I enjoy the false sense of importance that blogging affords.  Actually, that one is a bit confusing - does blogging make the obscures like me feel important, or does blogging prove that the obscures like me ARE important?  I'll leave that one to the internet scholars.

In my own life I am having to work hard at letting go of the feeling that every second of my day MUST be used productively.  The voices in my head (relax, I don't ACTUALLY hear voices - the metaphorical voices in my head) yell at me constantly about all the work that needs to be done.  If I take a few moments to myself I don't enjoy them because there are boxes to be unpacked, grant applications to write, weeds to whack, carpets to steam, etc. etc.  I am working on letting myself relax.

I do love the summer season.  Years ago the summer seasons were about relentless socializing, having a blast at work and then having a blast after work.  Now that we live here permanently the season is more like my explosive creative time when I get to perform daily and miss my kids in the process, then I come home to be with the kids and miss the theatre.

Despite the odd pressures of my life:  my MIL and her worsening condition, the amount of work that needs to be done around the house, the stress J is under all the time, I always am aware that it's a very good life I have.

So where does blogging fit in?  Well, I suppose I find it a challenge to express to the world what I think is a particular gift of mine - the ability to find beauty in the mundane and to seek profundity in everything that happens to me.  I guess that is really what an artist does - finds beauty in the cracks and corners of life.  So for now, I'll keep it up.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. thank you. I do check in about once a week, to see what's happening in your neck of wood! I live vocariously through you.